Since the holidays can be stressful, it’s ok to stop and be silly too!!

fun with son

In the midst of running around to find the perfect gift, getting everything in the house picture perfect for visiting family members, attempting to cooking meals that look like they come from a Better Homes and Gardens magazine, we can forget what really matters when it comes to the holidays.

Children have a wonderful way of reminding us that holidays are supposed to be festive, happy times when we let our hair down a little and enjoy each other. My son wanted to take silly pictures with me, which I thought was a complete waste of time. I’m thinking to myself, “I have to pack our bags because we’re going out of town to visit family, get the last gifts wrapped, clean the house before we go, take out the trash, get that very last minute gift for the person I forgot, on and on. I don’t have time for being silly.”

Yet in his persistent 5-year-old way, he kept asking and finally we sat down to take silly pictures. What I thought would be a time crusher, ended up being a great moment of quality time with my son, and as an added bonus–a great relief of stress for me.

So don’t forget on Christmas when everything seems to be happening at once, take some time to just be a little silly. 🙂


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