The Greatest Gift for Christmas


Christmas 2013 is here!! Can you hear those sleigh bells ringing?! Well, it’s almost here. Today I am spending Christmas Eve with my in-laws and already it’s going crazy! A water pipe burst in the middle of the night knocking out water supply for every house on the street. A house full of people for Christmas Eve and we have no running water! (which is going to make using the bathroom very interesting)

So we’ve been spending the morning buying gallons of water… and baking cookies. Yes, you heard me right. No hair pulling or yelling or going bananas. Just watching old Christmas movies and making desserts. You’d think the water news would put a damper in the Christmas festivities, but the Spirit of Christmas is still going strong. My mother-in-law just said to me, “Today is going to be a great day.” “Yes it is,” I said back to her. And it’s true. The water may not come back on until tomorrow or the next day. Who knows, the sky may even fall before the day ends! But Christmas is still here and so are we.

Although all the presents are still neatly wrapped under the tree, I realized something that I’ve heard time and time again: the best part of Christmas doesn’t come in wrapping paper with pretty bows on it, the best part of Christmas isn’t even a physical gift at all. We already know this truth, but it’s so easy to get swept up in all the activities, advertisements and hoopla of the holidays that we forget the most important thing: PEOPLE. The greatest gift for Christmas is being able to spend it with people that love you and care for you. Even beyond that, the greatest gift of Christmas is spending it celebrating the birth of Jesus who loves you and cares for you even more than the people he’s blessed you with.

Let’s remember today that someone out there may not have this realization. Reach out and make life magnificent for someone else today and tomorrow. Don’t just send a crummy text message either! (Although I guess a text is better than nothing at all.) Call someone, visit them, send some love towards family and friends today.

Great Christmas Eve indeed. Comment below on what your family is doing for Christmas Eve and Christmas today. I would love to hear your stories 🙂


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