My New Baby

     I have a new baby…here he is!!


     Hopefully you aren’t too disappointed that I’m not talking about a real human child! My one child has enough energy to equal about three kids, so for now, I’m content on the number of actual children I have!

      In my pursuit of Making Life Magnificent, I believe in trying new things and challenging myself to grow. I encourage you to do the same. Don’t become stale! Get out and experience something different. Especially when that “new thing” you want to try is something that could really improve your life. And let’s face it, anything that will get those brain engines firing up and create anticipation should be good for you! It certainly beats feeling that “same old, same old” feeling day after day.

      So I am exploring a new hobby: sewing. This may seem second nature to some of you, like breathing! For me, however, it’s like learning Rocket Science. But I am not going to quit! I’ve been pinning all sorts of great things on my Making Clothes and Sewing Pinterest Board, but I’m still thirsty for more tips and ideas on how to sew. Here are some things I am especially interested in:

  • Taking in shirts or dresses at the waist

  • Hemming pants or long dresses

  • Any sewing related to kids clothing

  • Upcycling/Upgrading shoes  (is this even possible with a sewing machine?…if not, no prob. I still like the idea of it!)

If you have sewing tips or maybe you know someone who is really good at sewing, come my way and share your wonderful ideas. In the meantime, I’ll keep you updated with my progress and projects!



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