Should Christians Listen to Non-Christian Music?

listening to music      Although I am deeply interested in this topic, I am actually nervous to feature it on Making Life Magnificent. Yet, I am choosing to engage in this conversation because it’s one that MANY people are interested in: Should someone who claims to be a Christian consistently listen to music that is not Christian based? Basically, people want to know is it a sin to listen to secular music if you are a Christian?

This question reminds me of the question that was brought up to the apostle Paul by the church of Corinth when they asked, “Is it wrong to eat meat that has been offered to idols?” Paul responds by saying, “Food does not bring us near to God; we are no worse if we do not eat, and no better if we do.” (read the entire discussion in 1 Corinthians 8: 4-13). Paul’s answer was YES-it can be wrong and NO-it’s not wrong. What does eating food have to do with listening to music Tanya? Basically Paul wanted them to see that the entire debate was centered around heart issues. Is it wrong for Christians to listen to secular music: the answer is YES and NO.
sacred vs. secular

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Does the music you listen to on a regular basis make you want to know God better?
  • What are you most motivated to do after listening to your music?
  • Is your favorite choice of music offensive to others around you?
  • Are you listening to secular music to fit in with others?

Bogdan Kipko, author, blogger, and pastor asked this exact same question and after careful consideration stated that

Ultimately, it is not the music that saves a person but Jesus.

It is not what comes in through a persons ears that defiles a person, but rather what comes out of the mouth. But very often, what comes in through the ears, exits out of the mouth in daily conversation and decisions.

Can a person remain distinctly Christ-like while feeding on a steady diet of Kanye and Rihanna? Maybe. But I doubt it. The steady current of themes which stand in stark contrast to the gospel from these artists will inevitably make their mark upon the individual.

       I want my life to be magnificent in every area and that includes my spirit. Saying I am a Christian and Living like I am a Christian are very different and it’s the everyday things that can seem really vague.  It takes honesty, prayer and personal reflection for you to determine the right answer to this topic question. Be real with yourself! For some the answer to the question is a resounding YES…it is wrong for a Christian to listen to other music because it influences you too much for wrong. And for others, your answer is NO…as long as it’s all kept in balance, you can listen to secular music and still grow in the Lord. I think the most important piece to remember is that we want to find our answer to this question from HIM and HIS WORD only! Well meaning family and friends will be eager to tell you what they think, but your walk with God is an individual one…they can’t walk it for you.

    So as you wonder more about this in your own life, meditate on these scriptures as a guide to finding the answer that’s right for you:

You may have more scriptures or insights to share and I would love to hear it! We are all striving to Make Life Magnificent, so don’t be shy in responding. 🙂





2 thoughts on “Should Christians Listen to Non-Christian Music?

  1. Here’s my two cents…I do believe that a Christian can listen to secular music as well as live a sold out life for Christ. I’m going to use myself for example. I love my Gospel music but I do listen to a lot of other genres. I have several stations on my Pandora that caters to my musical appetite at any given time. I don’t allow the music to motivate me to do anything that compromises my salvation though. I try to stay current on what’s going on out there.

    • I actually agree Rita. I love my oldies and neo-soul. I love Alicia and Beyoncé too. But I do think that it has to be in balance because what goes in most often does affect us. Thanks for weighing in!

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