My Story

When you hear the word magnificent, what first comes to mind???

For me, anything magnificent involves something splendid, awesome, and most of all impressive. Notice that I never said the word “perfect!” As a pop superstar so eloquently put it in one of her songs: “Perfection is the disease of a nation.” Since life itself has enough stress to deal with, why add to it by trying to attain an impossible reach.

Yet, we shouldn’t become intimated and not reach at all.

Back in 2009, my best friend and husband died unexpectantly from a heart attack while playing basketball, leaving me a single mother to a then 5-month son and a 24 year widow. The picture I thought was to be my life was shattered into a million pieces. Every year since, I tried to put that picture back together exactly the way it was, when I finally realized that no matter how hard I try, the picture of my life will never look the same. It’s time for a new picture. It’s time to realign and set a new reach point.

Stand Out Tulip

A reach point that is magnificent, because it draws new boundary lines for what is considered splendid and awesome. This is for anyone who is a full-time working parent who wants to be closer to God, better in life and more effective in career.

So this blog is dedicated to making every area of life impressive. Being a young widow, a passionate school teacher, an advancing writer and a very hands-on mom, you can expect to find these things here at Making Life Magnificent:

  • Couponing and Money Saving Advice
  • Spiritual Refreshment
  • Classroom Teaching and Management Tips
  • Guidance with Parenting
  • Health and Beauty

My reach is to have magnificence in all these roles and to help anyone else who’s interested in doing the same.

Let’s reach together and strive for excellence in every way we can. 🙂


4 thoughts on “My Story

  1. Wow Tanya you have an amazing story, and it’s only the beginning for you and your beautiful son, I can’t wait to see all the amazing things that God has for you, he is certainly preparing you for great things! Stay faithful and keep taking care of that cutie pie! 🙂

    • Thank you for your kind and encouraging words. Please feel free to share this site with others…my prayer is that it truly will be inspirational. Thanks again 🙂

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