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Have Tattoos Really Become More Permanent Than Marriage?

This coming April will make 5 years that I’ve been single. (see My Story) 2 years after my husband passed away, I sincerely tried dating, and I learned enough through only 2 bad experiences to write an entire book on the subject. One thing I realized is that I DON’T want to have to think like a man in order to date one. No offense Steve Harvey, but that’s just too many rules to keep up with.


         Dating today can be scary in my opinion. Dating as a Christian and a single parent can feel like you’re walking down Nightmare on Elm Street! Apparently I’m not the only one whose gone through this little horror experience. The numbers are crazy: there are 112 million single (unmarried) people over 18 in the U.S. and for every 88 single men, there are 100 single women. (unmarried.org) I could actually give more numbers that are really interesting, but I’m going to stop there and let that last one sink in. For every 100 single women, there are only 88 single men…soooo basically some single woman out there is going to have to face the reality that she may not get married ever or ever again.

Yet in the midst of the craziness of statistics and numbers and facts, I have hope.
relax in my heart

        Maybe it’s because my marriage was such a great one up until my husband passed away. Or maybe it’s because it was way too short of a marriage in the first place (we were only married 1 year and 6 months). Or maybe it has to do with the fact that I’ve had time to realize all the things I’d do differently as a wife if I have the chance to do it all over again.  Whatever the reason, I believe in and hope for another chance to be married. And on that note, I’m no longer ashamed to say that if you know a quality single Christian guy who likes kids…send him my way. Thank you 🙂

       I realize my story may be unique…I don’t know anyone else personally that became a widow at the age of 24. When most females were trying to figure out what to do with their lives, I was figuring out funeral arrangements for my spouse. That may sound really hard, but it was my reality. This reality has made a HUGE impact on how I now see relationships and marriage.  And yet, I’m still optimistic about my future. Things do change whenever I wander into the world wide web!

All around me there are blogs, books and podcasts about how Single Is the NEW Sexy! According to one blogger, if you’re young and aspiring to marriage, you’re a coward. She goes on to say that “…marriage is nothing but a security blanket for people who are too afraid to face the world alone.”

    Then she lists all the things you should do with your life other than think about marriage and one to-do was:

Get a tattoo…it’s more permanent than marriage anyway.

        Really? For someone whose marriage ended too painful, too soon, I want to scream reading this! Is there some shred of truth to this? Please tell me that’s not true of my generation? It may seem lame, weak, or whatever–but I deeply admire the image of family life. I believe in the hope of having a husband and more children. Am I old-fashioned for this?

       Now, I do agree that people should get out in the world and live! Travel, try a new food, volunteer, babysit, learn something new, build your passion, further your education, develop your hobbies or try a new hobby, etc. But am I the only one left who feels that you and your spouse can do all this together as well one day?

      Marriage doesn’t have to mean the end of life, but the chapter to a new beautiful beginning–if it’s with the right person.

      So I’ll keep improving and striving to Make Life Magnificent. But in my heart I hope to one day share this magnificent journey with someone special (other than my sweet little boy who loves animals, climbing and getting dirty!)Caleb at age 2

I’m ready for love again, but as I always say–I’d rather be with nobody than to be forever connected to the wrong somebody, so I’m willing to wait.

Maybe for fun, I’ll go get a tattoo! It’ll have to be one of those sticker tattoos though, because I don’t like needles!

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Toddler Tired of Toys Already?!?


        As a mom and teacher, I am amazed at how quickly children, especially toddlers, grow bored with the toys and electronics we spent all that money on for Christmas! The credit card commercial where the little girl plays with the cardboard box instead of the item that came in it, hit the nail on the head! That just about sums up most toddlers’ behavior.

    Thankfully I was smarter this year; I purchased Christmas gifts for my son that would hopefully stretch his imagination: like a Superhero art set and Beyblades that he can spin until he spends out of energy! Yet, even with these, it’s still good to have lots of ideas ready for your little ones. (Otherwise it’ll be YOUR energy that spends all out!) Here are some ideas that’ll hopefully keep the family happy:

   shape sort
1- Reinforce Learning Shapes: 

   Jenae from ICanTeachMyChild.Com, came up with this idea and I was very impressed with how much fun my 5 year old son had while completing it.  With some basic masking tape and plenty of floor space, this “game” of finding shapes can keep your busy bundle of joy focused for quite some time without plopping him/her down in front of the t.v.

Fridge Letters

2-Reinforce Learning Letters:

  I got this idea from Jaimi at The Stay At Home Mom Survival Guide, where she lists tons of great activities for preschool age children. I ended up making two charts for my fridge, one where the alphabet was in order, and another more challenging one with the letters random. Just be warned that when your children complete the task, they will be yelling with joy and eager to show you all their hard work!

numbers parking

3-Reinforce Learning Numbers

    If you can’t tell by now, I am really into any activities that will be fun, engaging AND an opportunity for learning when it comes to children. (It’s the teacher in me!) I can’t stress enough to parents that those little brain engines are constantly firing away, so you are truly your children’s first teacher. Teach them well!
My son has tons of toy cars, so as soon as I saw this on Krissy’s B-Inspired MAMA blog, my heart was happy! Her instructions and pictures have larger cardboard boxes, which I didn’t have, but smaller boxes and even large construction paper work well also. I used cut up sticky notes to number my son’s toy cars and trucks.


   There will be times as a parent, definitely as a single parent, when you will need that 30 minute tv show or those video games to keep your “mini me” content while you get things done, but trust me, these ideas will keep your child busy enough so that the tv doesn’t have to be a constant go to. Between playing with these and warming back up to all those Christmas gifts, your son/daughter will have tons of fun around the house. If all else fails, pull out the art supplies 🙂


For more parenting tips to Make Life Magnificent, check out my Pinterest Parenting Pointers Board

Feel free to share some of your magnificent parenting ideas below in the comment section!

PS-I usually do all the prep work for these kinds of activities while my son is sleeping or when he is engaged with something else. If you try to set everything up while they are standing next you and bored, it could become discouraging for both of you. So always try to plan ahead! Happy Parenting 🙂

The Greatest Gift for Christmas


Christmas 2013 is here!! Can you hear those sleigh bells ringing?! Well, it’s almost here. Today I am spending Christmas Eve with my in-laws and already it’s going crazy! A water pipe burst in the middle of the night knocking out water supply for every house on the street. A house full of people for Christmas Eve and we have no running water! (which is going to make using the bathroom very interesting)

So we’ve been spending the morning buying gallons of water… and baking cookies. Yes, you heard me right. No hair pulling or yelling or going bananas. Just watching old Christmas movies and making desserts. You’d think the water news would put a damper in the Christmas festivities, but the Spirit of Christmas is still going strong. My mother-in-law just said to me, “Today is going to be a great day.” “Yes it is,” I said back to her. And it’s true. The water may not come back on until tomorrow or the next day. Who knows, the sky may even fall before the day ends! But Christmas is still here and so are we.

Although all the presents are still neatly wrapped under the tree, I realized something that I’ve heard time and time again: the best part of Christmas doesn’t come in wrapping paper with pretty bows on it, the best part of Christmas isn’t even a physical gift at all. We already know this truth, but it’s so easy to get swept up in all the activities, advertisements and hoopla of the holidays that we forget the most important thing: PEOPLE. The greatest gift for Christmas is being able to spend it with people that love you and care for you. Even beyond that, the greatest gift of Christmas is spending it celebrating the birth of Jesus who loves you and cares for you even more than the people he’s blessed you with.

Let’s remember today that someone out there may not have this realization. Reach out and make life magnificent for someone else today and tomorrow. Don’t just send a crummy text message either! (Although I guess a text is better than nothing at all.) Call someone, visit them, send some love towards family and friends today.

Great Christmas Eve indeed. Comment below on what your family is doing for Christmas Eve and Christmas today. I would love to hear your stories 🙂

Since the holidays can be stressful, it’s ok to stop and be silly too!!

fun with son

In the midst of running around to find the perfect gift, getting everything in the house picture perfect for visiting family members, attempting to cooking meals that look like they come from a Better Homes and Gardens magazine, we can forget what really matters when it comes to the holidays.

Children have a wonderful way of reminding us that holidays are supposed to be festive, happy times when we let our hair down a little and enjoy each other. My son wanted to take silly pictures with me, which I thought was a complete waste of time. I’m thinking to myself, “I have to pack our bags because we’re going out of town to visit family, get the last gifts wrapped, clean the house before we go, take out the trash, get that very last minute gift for the person I forgot, on and on. I don’t have time for being silly.”

Yet in his persistent 5-year-old way, he kept asking and finally we sat down to take silly pictures. What I thought would be a time crusher, ended up being a great moment of quality time with my son, and as an added bonus–a great relief of stress for me.

So don’t forget on Christmas when everything seems to be happening at once, take some time to just be a little silly. 🙂