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What Are You Seeking?


Seek in Webster’s Dictionary is defined as: to try to find, to search for; to aim for; to look around; to hunt or go in pursuit of; go running for

In Matthew 7:7a (KJV) it says “Ask and it shall be given, seek and you shall find…”This word SEEK is mentioned in Matthew again earlier in Chapter 6, verse 33 when he says, “Seek the kingdom of God and His righteousness…”In Isaiah 55:6 the prophet tells the people to “Seek the Lord while He may be found; call on Him while He is near.”

Seek in Biblical terms isn’t implying to just look around casually, it implies a deep desire for the object of your pursuit. Is God lost? Why does the Bible tell us to look for Him as if He is indeed missing???

Life can be so busy and these days we have a lot of background noise pulling our attention away from God. These things are not necessarily bad things, they are parts of our everyday life: work, family, and school. But remember God wants to be #1 in your life! So He reminds us throughout scripture to push all those “life distractions” aside and focus only on Him. Remember seeking isn’t just looking, it’s also desiring. Do you desire God enough “to hunt for or go in pursuit” of Him?

To help you remember the importance of seeking Him first, think of a B.A.G. These three letters will offer some practical things you can do to begin seeking God more intentionally:

1. Become Isolated
If there are lots of other people around you, they will distract you from focusing on connecting with God. So find a quiet or secluded place where you can pray and read your Bible alone. If this is too difficult, choose a time of the day or night when everyone around you is asleep or busy, so that you can seek God in silence.

praying alone

2. Abandon Electronics
Just like physical people in your presence can be distracting, people in the cyber world can be even more distracting. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social networking sites are awesome at staying connected, but when you are dedicated to seeking God consistently, these sites can suck your focus away from that. Try to use a physical Bible for your quiet time instead of the Bible apps available on your phone or IPad, which also have apps for social sites that pull you away from seeking God.


3. Get Accountability
Just like I mentioned earlier, life can just become busy! We may have the best intentions of having quiet time in the Word with the Lord, but everyday life will get in the way. So get help…choose an accountability partner. Someone you trust that will serve as a check-in to help you remember to find consistent times to grow your spiritual walk.
This person needs to be someone who:

  1. …is understanding & nonjudgmental
  2. …is also seeking God
  3. …is able to be honest and offer firm encouragement when you need it

Two female college students studying together

So what are you seeking?